Turn the escalator
into a playful advertising
medium overnight!

Characteristics of Business

We provide Japanese quality 
that makes an overwhelming difference.

Asai Marking System (AMS) is the leading company specializing in wrapping and marking in Japan. 
We achieve Japan's high-level craftsmanship skills, finesse and accuracy in the world of wrapping and marking. 
By continuously innovating and devising, we have also made it possible to wrap objects with complex shapes that could not be installed until now. 
Thus, AMS has changed the world of escalators. 
The best wrapping has been applied to various parts of the escalator, and it succeeded in making a new medium. 
To further transform the world's escalators, AMS offers technologies and products to achieve "Japan quality" wrapping. 

We directly communicate advanced installation technology as well as highquality products to partners company and have it as an asset. 
As a result, we look for ambitious companies to develop new services of “Japan quality” and work together to expand their businesses.