Frequently Asked Questions

About collaboration and contracts

  • Q1Is it possible to have the handrails and Steps & Risers wrapping in my country without becoming an authorized distributor?
  • A1A If you want to have an ongoing business, you need to become an authorized distributor.
    If you do not wish to become an authorized distributor, but would like to do so in your own country, we can work directly with you.
  • Q2I have a specific project or client (customer) that I want to implement. What should I do?
  • A2If your company wants to continue to carry out as your business, you will need an authorized distributorship with us.
    Or, if you want to carry out only a specific project, we can go directly to carry it out.
  • Q3Since we have potential customers, are there any companies in my country that can be authorized distributors, supply dedicated films, or provide technology?
  • A3For countries other than Japan, we have an authorized distributor in the USA, who can supply dedicated films and provide technology. For other countries, we can supply the film and technology from Japan or USA.
  • Q4What kind of contract and procedure do I need to follow to become an authorized distributor in my country?
  • A4To become an authorized distributor, you need to sign an authorized distributor contract. (and pay a contract fee.)
    It is also possible to sell our products exclusively in your country. For more details, please refer to "Flow of Contract".

How to sell and support

  • Q1How can I get comprehensive support? What kind of support do you provide?
  • A1It is possible through an authorized distributor agreement.
    We provide comprehensive know-how, including on-site surveys, graphic production, operational management, and technical training using dedicated tools.
  • Q2Can you sell only the dedicated film (Raw Material) for the the handrails and Steps & Risers wrapping?
  • A2Yes, but we will provide (sell) the dedicated materials after receiving training on the correct printing processing and work methods under contract.
    We do not sell only exclusive materials without a formal contract.
  • Q3Does AMS supply the film directly?
  • A3It depends on the country and region. We may supply directly from us or from an authorized distributor in the USA.

Product information, features, and quality

  • Q1Can you tell me the details of the film used for each of the handrail and Steps & Risers wrapping?
  • A1The material of the handrail film is urethane, which was developed exclusively for handrails and has antibacterial performance.
    Step & Riser is made of PVC. Both of them are made by 3M Japan.
  • Q2How durable is the handrail wrapping?
  • A23M Japan recommends a durability period of three months, but we have experience with displays in commercial facilities in Japan for approximately two to three years.
    Therefore, even after three months, the product will not deteriorate immediately.
  • Q3How durable is the Steps & Risers Wrapping?
  • A3The recommended display period for the Steps & Risers is five years, but in Japan it has been displayed for about seven years.
  • Q4Is it possible to remove after pasting with the handrail and Steps & Risers wrapping?
  • A4Yes, it is removable. Basically, there is no adhesive residue after peeling.
    For example, even in the results of the handrails (2 years after pasting) and step risers (7 years after pasting) in the above case, there was no adhesive residue after peeling.

Product system and price

  • Q1How much is the completed price (including installation) of handrail wrapping?
  • A1The price of handrails varies depending on the length. We also have a full size of 115 mm width and a mini size of 70 mm width.
    Please let us know the total length of one side of the handrail, the desired wrapping size (115mm or 75mm width), and the number of escalators, and we will give you a rough estimate.
  • Q2How much is the completed price (including installation) of the Steps & Risers wrapping?
  • A2The price of Step & Riser varies depending on the number of steps to be installed per escalator and the size of the graphics.
    There are also requirements for one person and two-passenger escalators.
    Please let us know the details and we will give you a rough estimate.

About materials and sample provision

  • Q1Do you have any materials to propose to customers? Can you provide them?
  • A1Yes, it is possible. We have a collection of installation examples, materials for proposals, and various sample films available.