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Company Name
Asai Marking System Corporation
Head Office
2-3-13 Kurigi, Asao-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 215-0033
Main phone number:+81-44-980-1600 Representative FAX +81-44-980-1603
Product Center
2-3-6 Kurigi, Asao-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 215-0033
Phone number:+81-44-980-1601
Established in September 1984
Financial Institution
Mizuho Bank Mukogaoka Branch,
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Ikuta Branch,
Kawasaki Shinkin Bank Yurigaoka Branch
Daisuke Asai
Main Supplier
3M Japan Limited The authorized dealer companies
Company Name
Asai Marking System Corporation
Major Products and Business

Every sort of 3M-made graphics and films, and related products

Every sort of functions-film for glass made in 3M and related product

A design plan and production business in various applications

The design and quality control system in various vehicle markings and signage

Installation work on a nationwide scale in various graphics glass films

Digital signage-related products and materials and planning services

Company Brochure
(PDF 2.24MB)
Affiliated company
J.S.A limited company

Company History

Launched automotive stripe sale business in the garage workshop
Established Asai Marking System Co., Ltd.to start the fleet marking system business with 3 million yen in capital
Kawasaki Office expanded
The authorized processing dealer contract with Sumitomo 3M
Kawasaki Office expanded for the second time
Capital increase to 6.5 million yen
Capital increase to 10 million yen
Acquired 3Mmade Panagraphics technical skill test
Kawasaki Office expanded for the third time
Opened a workplace in Tama-ku, Kawasaki-City
Started the large-scale wrapping work on to the body of the plane
The Tokyo metropolitan government outdoor advertising regulations revised, started to accept the order for the body wrapping of the route bus
Railway body advertisement of the advertising regulations amended and begun to take the request for the vehicle body advertising of each railway company
To strengthen the demand for installation organization, established J.S.A limited company Capital increase to 20 million yen
The headquarters' building constructed and transferred to Kawasaki Microcomputer City
Introduced TQM (Quality Management)
Started Function film business for the glass
ISO14001 certification (Environmental management)
Launched Digital signage business
Daisuke Asai was inaugurated as Representative Director
The escalator handrail advertising business was totally assigned from Satelight Inc.
Headquarters building extension (floor space to 4F-based area twofold)
Started development and operation of Business order management systems “AMS-BOS(Business Operating System)”.
Started company-wide operation of 5S activities and management system
Started Escalator graphics business in Singapore
Acquired utility model registration (trans box with the makeup)
Obtained the patent of installation technique to the step riser of the escalator
2016.Escalator Graphics recognized as ' The glittering industrial technology of the city of nine prefectures' and 'Kawasaki Manufacturing Brand.'
2016.Product Center opened
Accredited by Kanagawa Prefecture as "the Company Ace" of the companies that "Kanagawa Do their best," creativity of the business model the contribution to the area is particularly excellent.
Launched developing anti-deterioration business for wind turbine blades
Complete release of all phases of the AMS-BOS system
Capital increase to 30 million yen
Start exporting to USA market

Access(our location and how to get here)

When using a train
Transfer from Odakyu Odawara Line from Shinjuku Station to Odakyu Tama Line at Shin-Yurigaoka Station (about 30 minutes)
Nearest station: Odakyu Tama Line "Kurokawa" Station South Exit, about 10-minute walk
If you use a taxi, Odakyu Line is convenient for Shin Yurigaoka, and Keio Line is for Wakabadai.
(There is no taxi at Kurokawa Station).
When using a car
Tomei Expressway: 11 km from Tomei Kawasaki IC, 12 km from Yokohama Aoba IC Chuo Expressway: 12 km from National Fuchu IC, 10 km from Chofu IC Haneda Airport 45.5km (about 55 minutes by car)
Narita Airport about 101km (about 100 minutes by car)

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