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Distinctive Services

Delivering films for a wide variety of objects and its installation technology create unique services.

There are many targets for AMS wrapping, which include various ones such as soft, hard, easy-to-fix, easy-to-peel, flat-like, and uneven-like ones to stick film.
AMS not only can determine the best film for each but also has created innovative services such as wrapping to escalators, making use of its experience in developing films and installation methods.

Technical Wizardry

The foundation of confidence is our excellent installation technology.

AMS is one of Japan’s leading companies with advanced technology.
AMS is the Japan’s leading company with advanced technology.
Our strengths are high-quality graphics and high-skilled installation engineers.
AMS also enables the wrapping with a high degree of difficulty and earns a high level of trust from customers.

Transfer of Skill & Technology

AMS directly communicates its original methods and know-how.

AMS is also providing overseas distributors with knowhow in parts design and installation techniques as well as delivering film materials.
Especially in installation technology, experienced installation engineers from AMS directly communicate with the distributors.
These enable companies in any country/region to develop "Japan quality" services.

Partnership with 3M Japan

We establish a close collaboration with the manufacturer so that we can provide a stable supply of high quality and optimal products.

AMS is in close cooperation with 3M Japan, a manufacturer of film materials. In addition to adopting film materials according to applications, we are developing different films from the standpoint of users.
Throughout these efforts, AMS has the knowledge that can handle all kinds of consultations, and the system that allows for stable provisions of its products to every region.

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