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We take a tailored approach to your business scope.
The procedures and processes are different for companies that are engaged in film wrapping production and sales, or are planning to do so, building owners, and building management companies.
Please contact us from below according to your business sector.

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Privacy Policy

1. Purpose of use of customer information

We collect personal information such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, occupation, etc. and use it only for the following purposes.
We will not use it for any purpose other than the following without your prior consent.

  • 1) To confirm your identity
  • 2) To send materials, estimates, etc.
  • 3) To provide information on services and campaigns (including advertisements)
  • 4) To prepare statistical data
2. Storage / deletion of customer information

The information collected from customers will be stored strictly within a reasonable range to prevent third parties from improperly accessing it.
In addition, we may delete your information if we determine that there is no longer a need to keep it after the purpose of use has been achieved.

3. Disclosure of customer information

We will not disclose your personal information to any third party without your consent, except in the following cases.
We will establish specific rules for the handling and operation of personal information, and thoroughly educate our employees.
However, this does not apply to statistical information that cannot be used to identify individual customers.

  • 1) When it is necessary to disclose the information to a subcontractor for the purpose of use notified to the customer.
    (We will ensure that the subcontractor strictly manages the customer's information and complies with the purpose of use.)
  • 2) When we receive a request from a judicial or administrative body with a legal obligation.