Flow of Contract

AMS is looking for companies that can be distributors overseas.
Deploy our business by introducing our know-how and methods not found anywhere else.
The following is the flow leading to the contract with our company.


Eligible customers:

It is intended for distributors that meet the following conditions.

  • Having know-how for film installation or being ready to make the system (Field survey, production of parts with particular material film, installation, and removal)
  • In each country, it is possible to realize continuous business in parts manufacturing and installation under its responsibility
  • To have the system and price competitiveness to respond to the technology and know-how provided by AMS, and the specially developed materials (media) supply
  • If you promise to purchase more than a certain amount annually, it is an exclusive distributor agreement in that country/region. You can also choose a non-exclusive distributor agreement that is not limited to the amount purchased.

Free consultation:

  • We will answer the inquiries by email free of charge.
  • Concerning specific consultation on items, Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is necessary.
  • If you need to travel to Japan or to dispatch our engineer from Japan, and you are responsible for the full cost of each.
    However, depending on the content of the contract, it may be possible to cope with a part of the burden.

Consultation of exclusive distributor

Consultation of individual project (non-exclusive) distributor


After the conclusion of the Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA), we discuss the testing requirements and collect information toward the agreement.

  • Request for exclusive or non-exclusive agreement
  • Business requirements that you want to expand
  • Presence or absence of specific projects
  • Business type and operation style of your company
  • Market information in your country
  • The other details, exchange of information and opinions necessary for concluding a contract

(Execution of Agreement)

  • * The minimum number of days required for a temporary contract is three weeks.
  • * The number of days may increase depending on the status of the negotiations.
  • Overview and essential form of licensing provided by AMS
  • Details of know-how, technology, and products provided
  • Technical transfers on high-quality manufacturing in Japan and disclosure of basic prices of specially developed materials (media)
  • Presenting the final concrete costs and conditions after business style agreement

The conclusion of licensing contracts terms by Attorney

(Technical Instruction)

The training required to acquire the technology and know-how provided by AMS will basically be conducted at the AMS Headquarters Office (Japan).

  • Your company will bear all expenses incurred by personnel coming to Japan during training, material expenses, etc.
  • Depending on the contents of the contract, AMS's educational staff visits the local country/region and respond flexibly such as training. In that case, all expenses for the education staff to travel are borne by you.
  • The training aims to be able to complete production and installation without problems in their own country/region.
  • Purpose of Introduction and installation example in Japan
  • On-site study tour to installation example in Japan
  • Answers to other requests and questions

Started Film
Sales Service

It takes four weeks to produce the materials (media) provided by AMS.

  • Start to export materials (media)
  • Local business start
  • Additional support is provided on an ongoing basis.

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