Main Installation Examples:
Escalator Wrapping for advertising and safety alerts

Safety alerts examples for railway stations

An escalator installed at a railway station. The behavioral economics “Nudge Theory” effect visually alerts users and avoids legal risks (violating safety considerations).

  • Installation in the massive snowfall area (Nagaoka Station, Niigata Prefecture). Because the ground is wet, the users are alerted to an accident where they slip and fall immediately after entering the facility.

    Posted content: Please stand inside the yellow line.

  • Shinkansen main station facilities in JR East area. Alert to fall accidents for travelers with lots of luggage.

    Posted content: Please hold on to the handrail

  • Alerting customers to the safe use of escalators at a station near Tokyo (Kawasaki Station).
    It is also a place where more than 100,000 people use a day, and it is regularly replaced and appealed for a long time.

    Posted content: Do not walk on the escalator

Safety alerts examples for public transportation facilities

The escalators installed at railway stations and highway service area facilities. They appeal information to visitors and travelers around the station and calls attention to avoid legal risks (violating safety considerations).

  • The facility of a private railway main station (Ikebukuro Station).
    The measure posts event advertisements and safety use awareness at the same time.

    Posted content: (Advertisement) + Please hold on to the handrail

  • Multilingual support for carryback falling accidents prevention at the international airport terminal building in Kansai region.

    Posted content: Keep your hand on baggage

  • Measures to raise awareness of truck operators' safety certification marks for users in highway service areas.

    Posted content: This mark is a landmark for safe trucks! Proof of safety, G mark

Advertising and sales promotion examples in commercial facilities

The Escalators installed in various commercial and large-scale facilities. Useful for advertising, information appeal, and sales promotion of handling products for visitors and spectators.

  • Used as an advertising medium for focus products at home appliance mass retailers. Continuous media revenue can be expected.

  • Advertising souvenirs for tourists at transportation facilities for business and sightseeing (Shinbashi Station in Minato-ku, Tokyo). Continuous media revenue can be expected.

  • Visitors for the trade fair venue are promptly invited to visit the exhibition booth by using the approach from the Koto-Ku International Exhibition Center Station in Tokyo.

Advertising & safety alerts examples in commercial facilities

The escalators installed in a large-scale commercial facility. Measures to raise awareness of wrapping whole escalators, including step & riser and landing plate as well as the handrail.

  • Installed as part of the Lunar New Year decorations in Singapore's consumer electronics retailers.
    Flexible support for escalators with overseas specifications and materials not found in Japan.

  • Pre-warning to prevent reverse entry in escalators installed in large shopping centers where large crowds often move at the same time.

  • The escalators in the hotel were wrapped wholly as a proactive guide to hard-to-find store locations.
    Limited-time guidance notice including the effect of attracting stores as an advertising medium.

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