Main Installation Examples:
Vehicle Marking / Wrap Advertisement

Railway wrapping examples

Wrapping rail vehicles and using them as a medium for third-party advertising or as an event decoration for the Railway Business Operators themselves.Developed the film that keeps sticking firmly during operation and is easy to peel off when desired.

  • Advertising on the vehicle of the JR East Yamanote line, the most passengers in Japan.
    Every month, they are replaced with new client advertisements.

  • Advertising on the Bullet train bodies running at 300 km /h on each Shinkansen route.
    With particular film specifications and pasting technology developed for the Shinkansen, they maintain the quality that can withstand long-term high-speed driving and operation.

  • The body wrapping decoration of Monorail that connects the city center of Tokyo and the airport.
    As part of the event planning of the monorail operator, it was operated under the nickname “Hana Train(Flower-decorated car).”

Aircraft wrapping examples

Used for airline promotion measures to wrap aircraft bodies with dedicated decals.

  • Wrapping Japanese “GOZZIRA” on the aircraft. Public promotion of movies and tie-up planning with airlines.

  • Tie-up plan between Japanese anime “Space Battleship Yamato” and airline. The decal was affixed to the aircraft overseas and brought into Japan for operation.

Bus wrapping examples

Wrapping the entire body of the bus and using them as an advertising vehicle for events or as its branding.
Depending on the purpose and application, film materials are used for short-term use and long-term use.

  • A large sightseeing bus wrapped for a limited time only for promotional purposes. It is used solely for a "moving large signboard" by not having passengers and frequently running in the downtown area.

  • With the introduction of new logos and characters, the Japanese Red Cross Society, the Japanese affiliate of the International Red Cross in 191 countries and regions worldwide, has renewed its image by fully wrapping hundreds of blood donation buses all at once.

  • Rented and wrapped dozens of buses from various places in Japan simultaneously as an advertisement for the “POKEMON” game, the bus operator used for the events.
    After the exhibition, the wrapping was removed immediately and returned to the operator.

In-train wrapping examples

Advertising wrapping using a film exclusively for railway cars that cleared the strict combustion test standards in railway cars stipulated by laws and ordinances, which is easy to return to its original state and superior in removability.

  • Interior decoration of the subway of Yokohama city Transportation Bureau. Adopted by know-how that can clear Japan's strict nonflammability standards. The film specifications are all different depending on the interior wall.

  • Interior glass decoration of Yokohama city Transportation Bureau. To clear nonflammability standards and re-peeling performance, a unique single-layer graphic film called BSPC is used.

  • In-car glass advertisement for Tokyo Metro. To clear nonflammability standards and re-peeling performance, a unique single-layer graphic film called BSPC is used.

Truck wrapping examples

The delivery vehicles owned by companies that have branches and sales offices throughout the country, and a lot of commercial vehicles and trucks, are used as a “Moving advertising media” for such as branding activities and public relations activities, as a means of large-scale campaigns.

  • With the use of wrapping for the trucks nationwide of Member companies (members) of the All Japan Truck Association, the enlightenment activity of the association is done.

  • Utilize company-owned vehicles as a “moving signboard” for corporate branding activities.

  • Wrapping of mobile SIEMENS CT scan specially-equipped vehicle that can appeal manufacturer and device name.

Truck marking examples

A centralized management system for parts inventory and installation management supports simultaneous large-scale ordering in multiple regions and realizes quick and highly accurate vehicle marking. Maintain stable and uniform quality throughout Japan.

  • Company branding with a vehicle marking management system (fleet marking system) was triggered by changing to the new logo.

  • Centralized operation management such as vehicle marking supply and design management and finishing quality in Japan.

  • The corporate branding and advertising measures can be realized with the vehicle branding management system (fleet marking system) as an opportunity to launch a new brand.

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