Main Installation Examples:
Other Wrapping Use Examples

Shutters examples

Focusing on publicity, tourism campaigns, various events, contributing to the creation of local communications, and effective in preventing mischief such as graffiti from the landscape perspective.

  • Wrapping the bank's large and heavy-duty shutter. Due to the location on the road surface along with a Japanese historic site (old-time 53 stages on the Tokaido highway), the shutters are decorated with traditional paintings as a part of regional support.

  • Wrapping the shutter of the bank near Tokyo. Because of a friendship city with Bremen in Germany, Bremen's feature photos are depicted.

Wall advertisement examples

Wall wrapping that covers short-term to long-term use with a dedicated film following rough surfaces such as concrete walls and bricks

  • Regular exhibition of anniversary events with removable film installed on the wall of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany. (Minato-ku, Tokyo)

  • To commemorate the EU's winning of the Nobel Peace Prize, commemorative graphics on the premise of re-exfoliation for a limited period of one year using the building (European House) wall of the European Union in Japan. (Minato-ku, Tokyo)

  • In the March 2011 Tohoku Earthquake Reconstruction Project, a reconstruction message was posted with the use of the tile wall of the corporate headquarters building in Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo for a limited time.

Vending machine examples

Utilizing the body of the vending machine as a signboard to use as branding and advertising media. By adopting an easy-to-install film with re-peeling performance, it can be re-fitted many times.

  • The wrapping decoration of the vending machine with the design integrated with the surroundings is in harmony with the environment and considers the landscape.

  • A vending machine is installed in front of the company building. By wrapping the company name and character, it can be used as a company signboard.

  • Utilizing numerous vending machines installed in JR East station premises as advertising media for the recognition and promotion of seasonal products.

Other-equipment examples

Utilized as decoration and advertising media for various cubic curved surface equipment and devices, and used to create "secondary effects" such as psychological security and uplifting feelings of users that are not inherent to devices.

  • Use graphics for medical devices to relieve psychological fear.

  • Wrapping resin base material formerly impossible to paste. Used as an original design product for each customer.

  • Utilization of regional revitalization event installed on Bizan ropeway gondola, Tokushima Prefecture.
    Installation on a complex mortar-shaped body.

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